Class reunion 2016

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Mary Parra Segura

Hello everyone!
 I can’t believe 40 years has gone by!  I haven’t been to many of our reunions so let me tell you what I’ve been up to all these years! 
Right after graduating, my sister Lettie and I went for one year to Sagunto, Valencia, Spain.  It was a wonderful experience that taught me to appreciate more my family and my country.  We got to travel a bit around Europe afterwards. 
            Then I went to La Sierra where I got my Bilingual (Spanish/English) teaching degree and began my teaching career.  I’ve been teaching now for 33 years and it’s not a job, it’s my passion!  I’ve taught mostly grades 1-4 and for one year, grade 6.   A few schools I’ve taught at are San Fernando Valley Academy in San Fernando, CA, Saguaro Hills SDA Christian School in Tucson, AZ, and I am currently teaching grade 3 at San Gabriel Academy in San Gabriel, CA.  My goal is to not only inspire children to do their personal best academically, but foremost to give their hearts and dedicate their lives to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  I was very privileged to be able to teach my two daughters in school, and if the Lord permits, I will be my grandson’s teacher next year when he’s a third grader.

Shortly after my teaching career began, I met the man of my life, and my best friend, Armando Segura.  We got married on Thanksgiving day in 1984.  We have two daughters, Crystal and Erika, a son-in-law, Sam, married to Crystal, and one grandson, Joshua.  My husband is a retired machinist and is a wonderful blessing to me.  Since I work and do tutoring two hours every day after school, he is our cook, runs the household, and is the family auto mechanic.   And let me tell you, he puts most women to shame with his cleaning and his chile rellenos!!

Many of you remember my parents who worked at TAA for many years.  My father, such a loving, living example of a dedicated Christian, passed away two years ago this June.  All of my brothers and sisters were here with him his last days. Before he passed away he told us of his desire to start a “Daniel G. Parra Memorial Fund” with the purpose of helping others achieve their lifelong dream of a Christian education.  We have fulfilled his wishes.  To view a fundraising letter, please see the attachment at the end of this article.  My mother lives in Glendale, AZ, and is doing well.  She rides her adult tricycle often and just bought a Teeter machine, which promotes inversion of your body for health.  She gives many lectures on health to many of the Spanish SDA churches in the area.  She will be 85 years “young” this October!
            My favorite activities are traveling, music, arts & crafts, baking, camping, swimming, and spending time with my family.  Can’t wait to see you all!

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Daniel G. Parra Memorial Fund
A humble man who made it his goal to obtain a quality formal education for his children. Now it’s our turn to help others do the same.

Dear friend,

On June 11, 2014, Daniel G. Parra passed away with few possessions to call his own. Still he died a wealthy man for he had the love, admiration and respect of his family and friends. In his 85 years he dedicated his life to God and family. He faithfully loved his wife, cared for his mother, supported and educated his five children, and responded eagerly to God’s calling to teach the much he had learned through constant reading and personal experiences.

In his last days Daniel asked that we, his children, remember him by helping others obtain that formal education he desired but never had – although he made certain that we did. He expressed a special concern for those from humble beginnings who, like him, have a deep thirst for learning, but little means to afford schooling because of their family’s circumstances. He knew, as do we, that by helping even one young person who deeply embraces Godly values, we would be helping the entire family enter into a long-lasting, life-changing promise for their future. In response to his request, we have established the Daniel G. Parra Memorial Fund in his honor to accomplish his last wishes.

Now it’s our turn to ask you to help us make Dad’s dream come true. Your generous donation to the Daniel G. Parra Memorial Fund will help a few deserving young people find that their educational dreams can come true. Together we can make an investment into their futures that will reap great rewards for whole families.

We appreciate your help and would be happy to provide you with a receipt upon your request. Your donations are fully tax deductible.

Mary Parra Segura

Lettie (Parra) Hylarides, Secretary/Treasurer: 
Box 124, Silvana, Washington 98287

Danira Parra, President: 

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