Class reunion 2016

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Doreen (Schneeman) Nimmo Sutton

Mark and Doreen Sutton
Hello, fellow class members of the great class of '76!

I've seen many of you throughout the years at reunions or otherwise, so I will just do a brief highlight, as I unfortunately will not be attending this momentous sad about this!

My daughter is (gasp!) 36 and living in Florida, with her loves, both human and canine.  I am about to have a third "granddog" in about a month, a brindle Boston.  I make it a point every November to visit her for at least a week while I am already on the East Coast for court reporter association board meetings, and we were able to spend last Thanksgiving in Florida.  Of course, the one year I decide to do a run, there were 27-mile-an-hour winds...

My son is now 18 and recently moved to Nevada and lives with my brother.  He is an amazing kid.  He wanted to venture out on his own before attending college and police academy.  It was very sad indeed, the only consolation being I am going to have a guest room! :-)

Mark is doing well, and has taken up road biking.  In the short time he has been riding, he has logged over 2,500 miles.  He is now my biking coach.  He is looking forward to retirement in a few short years.

It is an especially busy but enjoyable time for me with my association work, running, teaching, mentoring at my church and for court reporting students -- oh, and working!  Lots of travel around this time of year, which is one reason for my absence this weekend. 

Know that I will miss seeing all of you, and will be thinking good thoughts and saying prayers for safe travel.  What a fabulous reunion it will be when our Lord calls us home and we never have to say goodbye!

Love you all,

Doreen Sutton, RPR, CSR, CR 
DS Reporting, LLC

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