Class reunion 2016

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

OK, I'll go first

Welcome to the Thunderbird Class of 76 newsletter blog.

I hope you'll send an email or Word file to me, Christy Robinson, with one or several images you'd like to share with classmates, and several paragraphs updating us on where you live, what you've been doing over the last few years, if you have kids or grandchildren or (like me) in lieu of children, have become a Crazy Cat Lady. A general rule might be to release info similar to what you'd write in a Christmas letter. You don't have to be serious and grownup unless you really are serious and grownup. If you have something to be proud of, share it. Tell us what you do for fun. If you're confessing a murder or that you sneaked out of the dorm when you were a teenager, please save it for law enforcement. If you're the non-communicative type, get a Significant Other to be your amanuensis. Or talk to your video phone, upload it to You Tube, and send me the address (URL), and I can post that.

I'll post your article and images in this blog, and put the link in our class Facebook page when there are new posts to show. If you're not in Facebook (why not??), you'll need to bookmark this blog and check on it periodically.

It's best not to list your email address, as spammers and phishers have bots that look for addresses, especially with the @ sign. If you have a blog (I have several) or a website (got one of those, too), please include the links to them if you want us to look them up.

After each blog entry, you may leave a comment or reply to other people's comments. They won't appear with the article until I approve them, though. That's how I avoid spammers giving links to elephant rides in Jakarta, Ukrainian hot babes who want your citizenship, or Nigerian princes offering to make you rich.

Hey, we may be 57-60 years old, but with this blog, we're more high tech than any other class, ever.  As they say,


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